.: 36 DAYS OF TYPE 08 - 2021 :.
This year I decided to explore and exercise my skills on #36daysoftype project. I was playing around a chosen type (Novecento Slab // ultrabold weight) exploring colors and geometric elements to fill and complement the whole scene.
Music: Having a Good Day by BenjHeard (Available on Artlist.io)
STILLS - A to Z / 0 - 9
.: R&D :.

Inside Cinema 4D, I created some User data Settings to easily change settings inside all files and combinations, and used the take system, variable path names (tokens) and a bit of Xpresso to adjust the various combinations of colors and optimize the workflow. The Mograph module was essential to easily change object's position and randomize some settings using some effectors.
Used Redshift Render and compositing was done in After Effects.
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